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In a cluttered and competitive marketplace, we are all aware of how difficult it can be to navigate our way around the plethora of skin care and technology in the market place.

At derma aesthetics, we never claim that our product is the latest, the greatest or even the cheapest. What we will claim, however, is that the products we distribute are unique, proven, results-based and cost effective. We feel that in taking this honest approach to the marketing of our products, we more readily assist you to make sound and effective decisions when choosing skin care. After all, it’s not about the hype – we’re about results.

We do NOT allow internet sales, as this is a skin care line for prescriptive skin care and not for internet sales.

One of derma aesthetics main tenets is the fundamental importance of education. Staff must be motivated to not only “be the best they can be”, but also be encouraged to remain informed about the never-ending changes and advances our industry.

In leading the charge for excellence, we believe our Code of Ethics TICKS all the boxes.

Our TICKS mnemonic represents our view of working both in and with derma aesthetics.

T = Teamwork ✔

We communicate and cooperate with each other. By working together we become a stronger force enabling success in a positive environment.

I = Integrity ✔

In order to develop strong relationships we need to act with integrity at all times – discuss challenges honestly and respect all views. Be accountable for our part in this amazing company, take responsibility for our actions and be content with the results of our honest work.

C = Communication ✔

Working together and respecting the views and opinions of our clients and our in-house teams ensures a friendly, welcoming and honest environment. We want to “want” to come to work and have fun in the “silly moments”.

K = Knowledge ✔

We know that our product is the best skincare product in the market; we know that we can provide skin care solutions for our clients and through training; we know that we can enhance skincare management throughout our partners. We will continue to educate and enhance our team’s knowledge daily.

S = Success ✔

We know and care about your success; this enriches our working day and ensures constant reinvestment in the future development of our product.

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