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Welcome to our customised organic approach to achieving beautiful skin naturally! We offer evidence-based skin treatments by Emily Segal, a qualified naturopath and beautician to help you heal your skin naturally while empowering you to make nutritional and lifestyle changes toward glowing skin.

We believe that the health of your skin is an excellent indicator of your overall health and wellbeing. Ask any dermatologist in Melbourne, and they’ll tell you that the stresses of modern living and exposure to toxins in our environment and the food we eat can quickly lead to imbalances in the body. These result in poor general health and can affect the appearance of your skin.

Our clinical naturopath and skin specialist will design an organic skin care treatment that is tailored to your skin type, and to the skin conditions you present with. Our skin specialist will provide customised organic facials in the prevention and treatment of your specific skin condition. Our skincare plans are bespoke and supported with tailored nutritional advice and herbal prescriptions to help you achieve healthy and glowing skin. So if you’re looking for a skin specialist in Melbourne, contact us for a natural skin care treatment designed for your needs.

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