228 Orakei Road,
027 427 9066

Founded by Kate Michelmore, one of the most respected Holistic Facialists + Educators in New Zealand. Bringing her 16 years of world-class experience and knowledge to each of her guests. Kate’s unadulterated passion for skin can be felt in each of her treatments.

Kate’s intuitive + holistic way of treating skin is based not only on the topical skin care that is used but also working closely with your internal support – skinside out. Kate has successfully worked with various inflammatory skin disorders such as acne, rosacea, eczema and peri-oral dermatitis to name a few.


If you ask Kate what makes her studio so special, she will always say ‘when the doors close behind you in our studio… you feel safe, you feel calm and nurtured. You know you can trust us and fall in love with us. We are wholly focused on you because we love you. I opened my studio with the aim of creating a retreat for not only each guest but for my future SK. Team as well. The journey starts with caring for the people that look after our clients in order to encourage wellness and beauty from the inside out.’

Kate’s mission has always been to bring joy to clients through impeccable customer service, a caring, professional and educated advice and a big warm welcome.

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