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If you are looking to build a successful skin care clinic, choosing the right product range is critical. Please call our partnership hotline for further details 1300 420 223 in Australia or 0800 SKIN 00 (0800 754 600) in New Zealand.

Based on the principles of corneotherapy, dermaviduals is a skin care range like no other. With a base cream specifically formulated to match the composition of the skin, our pure and active ingredients are then selected to produce a customised range of products that treat the unique needs of your skin.

It’s bespoke skincare at its best.

dermaviduals is 100% free of:

    • Fragrances
    • Preservatives
    • Emulsifiers
    • Colours
    • Mineral oils
    • Silicones
    • Amines

dermaviduals does not believe in a blanket approach to business. We know that no two skins are alike and nor are any two businesses. Our product range and our service is based on advanced clinical knowledge and loyalty.

No HYPE, just RESULTS for your clinic and your skin.

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Shelley Forster, Jamele the Skin Care Centre (07) 5787610
Margaret Walsh, Face & Body Beauty Therapy (04) 3844879

Please call our partnership hotline for further details

AUSTRALIA: 1300 420 223

NEW ZEALAND: 0800 SKIN 00 (0800 754 600) 


Claudia’s knowledge and training is real, she is not just reading stuff from a book, she knows and understands exactly what she is delivering.

I feel that most teachers in this industry are therapists or nurses who have chosen to teach and who have been taught to deliver a specific curriculum from a book.  They tend to lack the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to answer both basic and challenging questions with clear understanding and conviction – other than from what is in their ‘book’. I know this first hand as I am currently studying.

Claudia’s ability to engage her students is limitless.  At the recent three day training session in Brisbane we were all enthralled with the knowledge she willingly imparted gleaned not only from years of her own research and hands-on experience, but from her obvious passion and total understanding for this industry.

dermaviduals and derma aesthetics are more than fortunate to have such an educator believe in and promote Corneotherapy and derma membrane structure methodologies.  The extension of this great fortune is that whilst Claudia lives and breathes it she very willingly imparts all that she knows with grace and good humour.  This can only be a positive for our industry; and an absolute ‘plus’ for anyone fortunate enough to train with her.

Jan Lys, Cedar Creek

We follow people not because we have to but because we want to.

Treating the skin safely and effectively can be challenging but here is one of the biggest problems we face: people are suffering from skin conditions they shouldn’t have to and spending large amounts of time and money only to end up with not much more than retail therapy and empty bottles.

With more to offer our clients than ever before, people are losing faith in product and in treatment, not just the client or patient but the treatment practitioner often themselves.

Over the years I have isolated myself because I found training was too often compromised by sales and products misleading. For me to grow and help more people I need to understand what is failing and the pathology of a condition. I need to understand nutritional factors, deficiencies, pathogens, allergies and metabolic characteristics such as absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination to accurately prevent, manage and treat these simple or more complex conditions.

Here is where I have finally found not just a product but a methodology and community of like-minded thinkers I want to follow.

I recently attended a two day training workshop with dermaviduals. Two days of in-depth dermal and diagnostic training that would help me accurately prescribe more specialised skincare and treat my clients individually for their concerns. It didn’t just re-inspire me to make some serious changes but I realised the people involved with dermaviduals are on a serious journey to help those around them and I want to be a part of that.

I also witnessed that dermaviduals prioritise education and long-term skin health over short-term results and profits that compromise the skin, which reminds me of a quote “It is better to endure the discomfort of the truth now, than suffer the discomfort of the lie later”.

My philosophy is that nutritional factors drive every chemical reaction in your body, including your immune system, thereby regulating both health and disease outcomes. I also believe what goes onto your skin goes into your body and what you don’t use is just as important as what you do. The methodology of Corneotherapy is why dermaviduals is so different to other products and if you do not understand the principles yet, I challenge you to do some research.

But this is it; why I work with dermaviduals, why my clients are seeing results that change their lives and why I’m writing this testimonial. When clients walk into my clinic with skin problems caused by skincare, made worse by skincare or their skincare hasn’t worked at all, I can break that cycle. It’s that simple.

I would recommend it every time, not just to my clients but to my colleagues so that more people can benefit from this methodology and live happier healthier lives without the worry of their skin.

Lee Cameron (Owner of Medacare NZ Skin Specialist Clinic) Testimonial from Lee Cameron, Invercargill, New Zealand