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Balgownie Beauty Are Our Clinic of the Month for February 2018!

Posted: 1 February 2018 by dermaviduals

Balgownie Beauty has been a well-established clinic in the village of Balgownie for almost 30 years. Co-Owner, Jannah (pictured below, left), chatted to us about their award-winning clinic where results meet luxury. “Balgownie lies north-west of Wollongong, NSW and is nestled in along the Illawarra escarpment. Mirella (pictured below, right) & I are the third owners of the clinic and we are very lucky to inherit a loyal long-standing clientele; some have been coming for over 20 years! We have both been familiar faces at BB for almost 10 years. We have 5 staff members making us a team of 7, 6 of which are fulltime. Equipped with industry-leading technology, it’s a welcoming place where you’ll be treated with the utmost respect & care by our highly trained clinicians. We are committed to keeping our clients at the forefront with a personalised approached centred on honest, informed advice.”



On inspiration…

“We have a few tricks to keeping inspired. We love to attend regular training, which not only allows us to expand our knowledge, it allows us to meet and feel inspired by others in our industry who are doing amazing things. Our morning routine for each of our staff members, including us, involves a focus meeting which allows us to inspire & motivate each other to set goals, achieve goals and help each other brainstorming a problematic skin condition & treatment we often work things out as a team. We also are lucky enough to work with Mark, from Frog Coaching, who is fantastic at bringing the group together for fun sessions which are highly motivating and sets a positive mind set.”



On Balgownie Beauty as a business…

“Firstly, we value our team, because, let’s face it, they are all amazing. We are very fortunate to have a clientele that over the years have gotten to know us and we have gotten to know them; some of them really are like family. We also value the support of our suppliers – it’s great when you feel like they have your back and provide us with education & training that’s second to none.”



On dermaviduals…

“dermaviduals has been AMAZING for our business. Well being honest, we were only looking for a product line to fill our gap of having something to offer our clients with sensitive & inflammatory skin conditions but, wow! Ee found so much more in dermaviduals. We all use dermaviduals and love it; most of our clients now use it and love it. It truly has transformed our business and given us a clear vision of where our business is heading next. We all now get excited if we come across a problematic skin condition because we are confident we have the solution and that’s a great feeling!”



On their favourite dermaviduals product…

“Vitamin Cream Mask! We love the ease of applying at night and waking up with beautiful, hydrated skin. The vitamin dose is always welcome as a skin boost and it is a favourite amongst our whole team & clientele.”



On skincare tips…

“Here at Balgownie Beauty, we practice what we preach and that is to eat clean, drink lots of water, be educated on the effects of a disrupted barrier function and use skincare that keeps your skin balanced & happy. If you respect your skin and body, it will thank you back with its radiance.”



On new products and trends…

“We are all about facts and we do our research at BB. We know what our business needs and we listen to our clients, so we don’t get caught up in hypes or trends. Once you understand how the skin functions and what is required to maintain a healthy skin function you can recognise the fads.”



On their start to 2018…

“We were very honoured to be named as finalists in four categories for the dermaviduals Clinic Awards. We were lucky enough to receive Highly Commended for Visual Merchandising Excellence. After only being stockists for a year we couldn’t believe it! We attended the International Symposium on Corneotherapy in Auckland, New Zealand and the International dermaviduals Symposium in Sydney. We got so much out of each and every day; to listen to the leaders in their field on each subject truly was inspiring. We loved it and we recommend anyone out there wondering if it’s worthwhile taking time out of the salon or even closing the salon for an event like the Symposiums, for us it was a motivating, educational and an uplifting start to our 2018. We are so pleased we didn’t miss them!”



You can find out more about Balgownie Beauty here and follow them on Facebook & Instagram.

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