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Cleansing with Team Derma

Posted: 24 November 2018 by Annemarie O'Donnell

Our Double Cleansing blog sparked a real conversation amongst our team (when skin nerds get together, they really can’t help themselves!), revealing some more great tips and tricks that our skin experts use themselves! Here are 5 of our faves that we just had to share…


1) “If I cleanse my face before I shower at night, I make sure to wash my hands first to make ensure I’m not adding any further dirt or bacteria to my face or contaminating my cleanse. Also don’t forget to wash your hairline!” – Danielle, New Zealand Sales Manager


2) “As a makeup wearer, double cleansing is a must for me. I use a warm damp facial cloth first and hold onto my face to soften the skin for a few minutes then take a small amount of Cleansing Milk with DMS and quickly massage all over, especially over and down my eye area using my fingertips to gently swipe off eye makeup (I do look like a panda at this point!) then I remove this with my face cloth. After I repeat this, my skin is makeup free, with no stinging of the eyes or left over mascara and my skin is glowing.” – Cheryl, Sales Consultant


3) “I always use tepid or cool water – I think this is an important for everyone as hot water can aggravate the skin leading to redness. It can also lead to dehydration and sensitivity – no thank you!” – Emma, Australian Sales Manager


4) “I personally love Total Cleansing Cream to help melt away stubborn makeup! Being nasty-free is a must for my skin and other sensitive beauties would have to agree. Ingredients such as preservatives can cause allergies and disrupt your skin barrier.” – Steph, Education Manager & Sales Consultant 


5) “I apply Cleansing Milk with DMS to my face without any water to first to remove make up. I then follow this with a second cleanse using water and rinse off as normal. My skin always feels so fresh & clean, but not stripped.” – Beth, Business Development Manager


How do you customise your cleanse? Let us know in our new comments section below – we’d love to hear from you! 

3 Responses to “Cleansing with Team Derma”

  1. Lisa

    Cleaning tips..

    I use some tiny super soft cotton flannels that i got from the baby store. They are so soft on my damaged skin.

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