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Clinic of the Month | Jessica Carey | A Peace of Beauty

Posted: 13 December 2021 by grace.dermaviduals

1. How have dermaviduals assisted your business?

Prior to Dermaviduals I felt as though I was fumbling my way through the industry always searching for something more. Being introduced to Corneotherapy was an awakening and life changing moment for me.
Respecting the skin and its barrier function made so much sense, having the ability to custom blend specific ingredients for individual skin types and conditions has changed the results I have been able to achieve for the better and long term.
The education and support that is available for us through Derma has given me confidence to be the therapist I have always wanted to be for my clients.

2. Tell us about your clinic, and local area.

A Peace of Beauty is located in the heart of Whakatane within the Bay of Plenty, known as the sunshine capital and also home of the famous Ohope beach (voted New Zealand’s best beach).
The clinic was envisaged and lovingly built as a destination retreat for those in need of time: time to slow down, time to indulge, time to become the best version of themselves.
“I want my clients to experience bliss, to fill their cup, and to ease into comfort in a safe space,” I have drawn inspiration from my profound experiences of Morocco, Tunisia and Sri Lanka’s ancient skin health practices to create a tranquil space that feels a world away from everyday life.
The clinic is an oasis dressed in fresh, crisp, white tones amidst a backdrop of lush green fields and winding streams. Senses are stimulated with essential oils, with sweet birdsong the only accompaniment to your daydreams.
There’s nothing more to do but sink into indulgence.

3.What is your number one skin care tip?

Apart from applying sunscreen everyday I would say you are what you eat, the gut continues out onto the skin affecting the microbiome and integumentary system and how it works and this is very important to understand and to educate our clients about.

4.What has been your most memorable career moment so far?

The Dermaviduals awards ceremony, even though it was unfortunate that we couldn’t all meet each other in person, it was so nice to put faces to names and see all the happiness during this tough year.

5.What sets your clinic/treatment apart?

In our modern-day world – where cortisol levels run high and anxiety is prevalent – the most generous thing you can do is to hold space for someone. A safe, calm, quiet, ambient and nourishing environment just for them. After all, our skin and its response are intricately linked to our emotional wellbeing. This is my main focus within the clinic and this is the difference I bring.
6.Most popular treatments are…

Collagen induction therapy with the exceed and wellness skin treatment rituals.

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