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Clinics We Love Following on Social Media

Posted: 27 September 2019 by Annemarie O'Donnell

Want to inject a healthy dose of skinspiration into your social media feeds? We hear you! Here are five of our favourite clinics to follow!

1. Black Diamond Clinic

We especially love their Instagram stories! Described in 3 words: funny, real and educational (the perfect mix, really!). We love seeing what this amazing team gets up to on the daily!

Follow them: Instagram / Facebook



2. Soul Awaken Skin Therapies

We especially love Kathleen’s Skin Education Sessions. Kathleen talks to you as if she would her best friend (we imagine!). These videos are super informative, easy to digest and provide practical tips for loving and caring for your skin.

Follow them: Instagram / Facebook


EYE CARE: Dark circles, bags + fine lines – Ep. 21 Skin Education Sessions with Kathleen Klassman

Soul Awaken Skin Therapies 发布于 2019年9月24日周二


3. The Clear Skin Experts

We especially love their nutrition tips for glowing skin. We all now know that skin is a reflection of your overall health and what is going on in your belly but it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to skin nutrition. The Clear Skin Experts’ tips are easy to understand and put into practice.

Follow them: Instagram / Facebook


4. FACE | Body & Beauty Clinic

We especially love their product and makeup tips! Check out their 5 minute makeup routine that is actually good for your skin (and not to mention, looks amazing!).

Follow them: Instagram / Facebook


5. Skinography

We espeically love their beautifully cultivated feed and wellness inspiration! What an absolute dream!

Follow them: Instagram / Facebook



You know what to do beauties – get following!


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