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Meet Palms Skin Studio, Our Clinic of the Month!

Posted: 1 November 2018 by Annemarie O'Donnell

Palms Skin Studio is our Clinic of the Month for November 2018! We caught up with owner, Jacs to chat about her beautiful space and skin philosophy.

Palms is a sun-drenched boutique skin and beauty studio located in the little beachside suburb of Petone, Wellington. The studio itself is minimalist and considered. “I wanted it to allow clients the space to exhale and find stillness as they eased gently to a place of inner solitude. Having trained extensively in beauty therapy, advanced skin analysis, skin nutrition, and as a makeup artist, my professional journey started on home soil in Wellington 15 years ago, and since then I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from a number of deeply inspiring women in this industry. Being somewhat of a gypsy, I gathered experience in a number of settings – Auckland, Wanaka, Byron Bay and most recently Melbourne, and in that time I found a very grounded vision of what it was that I wanted to create, a space infused with integrity, providing clients with an experience that was dedicated to them and unique in its energy, and curated evidence-based advice.”



Care through Corneotherapy…

“I offer a focused corneotherapeutic approach to the care and support of challenged, pigmented, and barrier-disordered skins such as acne, eczema, perioral dermatitis, and psoriasis while raising the bar on the health of all skins that arrive to be cared for. Palms embodies the philosophy that like every other organ in our body, our skin has the ability to function beautifully when fed the correct nutrients via formulations that are potent and free of ingredients that disrupt the integrity of the stratum corneum, delicate lipid barrier and microbiome. I passionately care for my clients skin which makes a visit to Palms the perfect weave of stillness and relaxation with science and tangible, visual results.”



Work that doesn’t feel like work…

“I do what I love every day. Palms, in many ways, is a fluid extension of who I am, so it never feels like a job or work – that is a huge blessing; one I am incredibly grateful for. But my favourite aspect of doing what I love is without a doubt caring for my beautiful clients – bringing happiness to others is what fulfills me, my clients feel like family, and they inspire me daily. It is the sight of a client emerging from the treatment room with a gentle energy, soft smile, and a relaxed gaze, feeling grounded and present in the moment that really fills my heart up – the glow that ensues not only from skin saturated in delicious nutrients but from a stillness within.”



Jacs’ personal mantra…

“…is have fun and be kind. These are the 5 words I say every morning while blowing kisses to my daughters as they skip off to embark on another day at school/daycare and what I live my life by. I also stand strongly in the belief that nourished, happy radiant skin is our first and most powerful accessory – love, protect and nurture the one you have, it is worth the investment and care.”



Nurturing the skin…

“dermaviduals and Corneotherapy is the foundation of what my business has been built on. I have never experienced such a profound aha moment than when I discovered dermaviduals and Corneotherapy. As a therapist having worked with hundreds of impaired and challenged skins, I had innately adopted a less is more approach opting to feed and nurture those skins as opposed to taking away from them with the likes of microdermabrasion or peels. So to discover this incredible range of products, their set of scientific principles and a complete philosophy that embodied everything I believed about treating the skin, was such a defining moment in my career. Like a fingerprint, no two skins are the same – we all have our own individual fabric, unique weave, thread and cut requiring an individual approach, both internally and topically. dermaviduals has given me the ability to give life to skins in a way that was never possible before by customising every step, every extract, antioxidant, oil, every drop deliberate for my individual client and not only that but to send them home with a ritual that has been crafted delicately for them and their skin’s specific needs at that time, one that will change and evolve with their skin providing optimal skin health. dermaviduals encompasses so much more than the amazing products it produces, they are an incredible company with unwavering support and ethics, with a vision to set a new standard of knowledge within this industry. I never leave training with a brain that doesn’t feel stretched and inspired. The teams both in Australia and New Zealand offer incredible support. Danielle & Nicky consistently go over and above (I am so grateful to have them by my side in this journey) and Simone offers knowledge and experience that is unparalleled. It is such a pleasure and a privilege to be part of the Derma Family.”



The most important step in your beauty regime…

“I believe that the ritual of cleansing your skin is the most important step in your beauty regime; rinsing away makeup, dirt, and pollutants from the surface of your skin and properly preparing it for nutrient dense serums, eye creams, moisture rich creams & masks is essential. My favourite product is the Cleansing Milk with DMS! dermaviduals has such a sophisticated delivery system and biologically identical formulations that are identified and granted access beyond the stratum corneum making the cleansing process even more important. I have seen incredible transformations in skins with this one product alone.”



Jacs’ tips for loving your skin…

“Nourish your skin topically with dermaviduals and internally with adequate water and high quality essential fatty acids. Protect it daily from UV radiation with SPF & a hat and when you can practice gentle stretching combined with focused breath to draw oxygen and nutrients and move lymph. Most importantly though, love your skin, the colour, the warmth, the details, the texture, all a beautiful tapestry telling the story of your life. Beauty and radiance is a cultivation of how we nurture ourselves & others, and our perspective in this world.”



The Palms philosophy…

“At Palms, I really wanted to transcend the notion that skincare needed to be complicated – there is so much focus on wellness, yet I feel it is really important to keep it sustainable. For that reason, I keep my clients’ home rituals very pared back and maintainable within their lifestyle. There is never any pressure to have it all at once, in fact, I stand strong in the belief that less is more and baby steps are key to building a healthy skin.

I am also proud to work in a space that means so much to me; I designed and had the furniture crafted locally, the artwork was created for Palms by my partner and many of my crystals have been handed down to me from my grandmother, who was given them by my great grandmother. Each element has been considered and selected with the intent to bring together an environment that fosters a sense of tranquillity. When you come to Palms for a treatment the entire studio is dedicated to you and your experience. It is a heartfelt privilege to hold a space for clients to step away from the daily stressors, with the fast pace of life leaving so many feeling depleted and overwhelmed at times; it is a chance to allow the outside noise and inner dialogue to melt away – even just for a moment, while I nourish their skin and massage out tension with intent, each touch deliberate and intuitive.

I also hold a very strong focus on education ensuring I bring the highest level of knowledge and expertise to my clients to deliver the best results, attending eight postgraduate training events and seminars this year alone. I find study so liberating, and education the premise of progress – but the true source of knowledge being experience and that comes from my beautiful clients inspiring me every day.”



Makeup, a creative outlet…

“Outside of the treatment room, I am also a makeup artist, which is another creative outlet for me that I adore. I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of brides. It is always such an honour to be a small part of someone’s big day making them look and feel beautiful. I also work on editorial shoots for a variety of brands which is always really exciting. I am fortunate to have a beautiful knit of like-minded creatives here in Wellington. We shoot our own personal creative projects when we can fit it, finding glorious little pockets on the outskirts of the city to make magic. As a makeup artist, the dermaviduals deco range is like a dream come true, it is incomparable; I have never had the pleasure of working with a base that can be customised to the client’s skin, and one that works as an extension of their skincare.”



You can find out more about Palms Skin Studio on their website and by following them on Facebook & Instagram.


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