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The Kind Collective Launches

Posted: 9 November 2018 by Annemarie O'Donnell

Owner of Palms Skin Studio, Jacqueline Lee announced the launch of The Kind Collective last week. This wonderful initiative supports women who truly need it through three charities – Woman’s Refuge, Ronald McDonald House & Victims Support by offering complimentary facial treatments and the tranquillity that nurturing brings.

Jacs hopes that The Kind Collective will spread throughout New Zealand giving “other clinics the opportunity to treat a woman in their area in whatever capacity they choose (one-off, monthly, annually) so that we can collectively hold a space for them to have a little nurturing in their time of need.”

Jacs had The Kind Collective in her sights before she opened Palms Skin Studio and is thrilled that she is now in a position to offer this initiative. We are so proud of Jacs and her community spirit and are pleased to be able to support her with the donation of a facial.

The Kind Collective was announced through social media on Thursday: “In the last 15 years amongst the countless blessings and love, I have also experienced some of the deepest corners of grief, fear and heartache, through a collection of events that have unravelled me and reshaped me into the person I am today. It is these events that have embedded a determination to offer women in a position of vulnerability, uncertainty, and sadness a pocket of respite, and it is today that I announce the launch of The Kind Collective. Through this initiative, I will gift a slice of restoration, and stillness to women that truly need it through three organisations that are deeply close to my heart – Woman’s Refuge, Ronald McDonald House & Victims Support. I have goosebumps announcing this initiative that has been a mission from within my soul for quite some time and something I have been reaching for since opening the doors to Palms. The Kind Collective will also give the community an opportunity to donate facials, or contribute to a facial, for a woman being supported by any of the incredible organisations listed so that we can collectively remind them that we are here to hold a space for them to have a little nurturing in their time of need. Let’s emit kindness, and radiate love and light for these women.”

If you’d like to make a donation towards a facial or if you are a clinic that would like to participate in The Kind Collective you can contact Jacs here.


Image courtesy of Palms Skin Studio.

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