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The Microbiome Mask You Need

Posted: 6 March 2020 by Annemarie O'Donnell

The epi nouvelle+ naturelle facial mask – you may have seen this in your favourite dermaviduals clinic and working its way into your social media feeds. But what exactly is it and what will it do for your skin?



The epi nouvelle+ naturelle is a unique facial mask made in Germany of a skin-friendly biomaterial obtained from raw vegetable materials. This natural, renewable biopolymer of 100% pure cellulose and water has unique properties due to its nanostructured fibre network. It is a pure, natural product that is vegan and the mask itself can be composted after it has worked its magic on your skin!



The soft and flexible mask follows your facial outline perfectly, like a second skin. This corneotherapeutic mask provides intensive moisturising, cooling and skin-soothing properties – hello hydration (so yes, looking slightly silly/creepy is definitely worth it!).



The epi nouvelle+ naturelle improves the skin’s profile and supports the natural regeneration of your skin, all whilst keeping your skin’s microbiome in balanced harmony (so well it’s been dubbed our ‘Microbiome Mask’!). It is perfect for:

  • Reducing swelling
  • Reducing redness
  • Reducing itching
  • Improving your complexion
  • Supporting skin regeneration & skin barrier function
  • After treatments that cause inflammation, such as microneedling (check out this before & after below with half a mask applied directly after a microneedling treatment!)


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Welcome to the family cellulose mask!! 🎉 Our new facial masks are unique because they're made in Germany of a skin-friendly biomaterial obtained from raw vegetable materials. This natural, renewable biopolymer made of 100% pure cellulose has unique material properties due to its nano-structured fibre network. The mask has a moisturising, cooling and soothing effect on the skin when applied and afterwards the skin is incredibly soft and smooth. Most importantly for us, this new addition to the derma family respects and works with all of the valued principles of corneotherapy. You'll find the mask improves your skins profile and supports natural regeneration of your skin. It is suitable for any accompanying therapy during the treatment of numerous dermatological diseases and skin issues as well as the treatment of all skin types and conditions. The benefits of this amazing mask are: – Reduction of swelling – Reduction of redness – Reduction of itching – Cooling of treated area – 100% sterile: intraoperative use is possible – No preservatives or additives – Pure natural product, 100% vegan – Can be used in combination with active ingredients – Strong adhesion to the skin – Take home for another application (double use) But (as they say), the proof is in the pudding! How's this amazing photo of our new mask being used on the left side of the face only?! 😲👍 Head to our clinic finder (link in bio) to locate a dermaviduals clinic near you to experience our amazing new cellulose mask during your next dermaviduals treatment. #dermaviduals #mask #cellulosemask #dermafamily #skin #corneotherapy #vegan

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This no-nasties mask can be purchased to be used at home or your skin therapist can incorporate it into your bespoke facial treatment in clinic (afterwards, you can even take it home and use it for the next four hours!). To use the epi nouvelle+ naturelle facial mask at home, thoroughly cleanse and apply the mask for at least 20 minutes and up to 4 hours. You can even put your dermaviduals serums underneath for a serious skin glow! If you’re using your MTS-Roller at home, this is the perfect mask to use after you roll (just like Rebecca Miller, The Skin Whisperer does below!).


Self care Sunday 💆‍♀️💆‍♀️💆‍♀️8 Minute at home ultimate rejuvenation facial. Cleanse DMS Peeling cream- the use of perfectly rounded jojoba beads to gently exfoliate skin cells that need a little help coming off while maintaining the barrier integrity and restore hydrating in the skin. Massage in for around 3 mins rinse off with the cleansing cloth. Leaves the skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Micro needle with the MTS home roller. (Shown in video how to use) TGA approved Helps promote healthy skin cells in the epidermis Helps with texture and tone Increases penetrationof actives Great for fine lines Reduces pores EPI Nouvelle mask 😁💯 % Pure cellulose. Moisturising, soothing, cooling mask. Special offer if you would like to be able to give yourself the ultimate rejuvenation treatment from the comfort of your own home. PM for details #homefacial #theskinwhispererc

Posted by The Skin Whisperer by Rebecca Miller on Saturday, August 10, 2019


Thank you to Skintifix for providing our featured image – we’re still trying to work out how Chanel looks so gorgeous in the mask!

Want to get your hands on one of these masks? Head into your closest dermaviduals clinic! 

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