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Why We Love LED!

Posted: 20 August 2018 by Annemarie O'Donnell

We’re thrilled to have the creator of Max+ LED and skin guru, Jennifer Brodeur, here with us at the moment! We had an LED Masterclass in Auckland last week and one about to kick off this morning in Sydney.

So, what does LED do for your skin? In short, it makes it GLOW! How?

  • It increases circulation
  • It restores the skin’s cellular activity
  • It aids nutritional elements existing within the skin
  • It encourages a natural chemical reaction within the skin to create moisture
  • It promotes collagen production leading to more youthful skin
  • It utilises ideal wavelengths for healthy and glowing skin

Our skin absorbs the light emitted from the amazing Max and converts it into energy. Jennifer describes it so perfectly, saying “Max+ LED light therapy delivers light energy in a similar way that plants absorb light energy from the sun. The UV-free, beneficial light rays energise cells and stimulate the body’s own natural process to build new proteins and regenerate cells. Each wavelength used offers a different benefit to the skin from helping stimulate collagen and elastin, reduce inflammation, speed healing, increase circulation and destroy acne bacteria.”

We especially love the synergistic results that Corneotherapy, dermaviduals skincare and LED light therapy yields – talk about a total focus on skin health!



2 Responses to “Why We Love LED!”

  1. dermaviduals

    Thanks for leaving a comment, Diana. We don’t know all of the technical details about those other LED devices, so can’t comment about their effectiveness but tanning shouldn’t be a result of an LED treatment! You can find a bit more info about LED here:

  2. Diana Aguilar

    What are your thoughts on omni lux or derma lux – don’t believe they use rainbow led?
    I recently had a celluma led for 30min and noticed a slight tan, I don’t think that should happen.

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