Liposomes are invisible spherical bodies similar to biological cells. Like the natural cell membranes of plants and animals, liposomes consist of a so-called bilayer with phosphatidylcholine as its natural main component. The bilayers of liposomes are very similar to the different layers of the skin barrier. Thus, liposomes merge easily with those barrier layers. Consequently, the penetration capacity of the skin for cosmetic and dermatologically active substances is improved. Active agents transported in liposomes penetrate easily and spread well within the skin. They are retained by the skin in a depot-like manner and so often act with stronger effects.

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Kigelia Liposome Concentrate

Kigelia Liposome Concentrate cares for sensitive and delicate skin by firming and tightening. Key properties will also address a blemish free complexion.


Highly enriched phosphatidylcholine and natural kigelia extract come together in a liposomal dispersion to create this powerful product that improves the overall functionality of your skin.


Kigelia Liposome Concentrate contains extracts from the African Kigelia Tree, otherwise known as the “Sausage Tree”. The concentrate is high in flavonoids, steroidal saponines and phytosterines and has a noticeable tightening effect on connective tissue. The extract can be used neat or blended in a customised serum or DMS Base Cream.


Additive to DMS® base creams or applied as a serum.


Kigelia Liposome Serum has proven successful in improving skin health for conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, as well as blemished skin.

The extract is particularly renowned for firming and tightening sensitive and delicate skin, especially décolleté and eye areas.

Use over the entire face and décolleté for best results with anti-ageing.

Key active constituents in Kigelia fruit extract and their benefits:

  • Napthaquinones (belongs to the family of quinones like Vitamin K and Co-Enzyme Q10) – antibacterial and antifungal, strengthens connective tissues.
  • Iridoids – anti-inflammatory and immunomodulator.
  • Caffeic acid – anti-inflammatory.
  • Phytosterols (Stigmasterol and ß-sitosterol) strengthen and repair the skin barrier.
  • Flavonoids (Luteolin, 6-hydroxyluteolin and quercetin) – antioxidant.
  • Steroidal saponins and ruscogenin also tighten connective tissue.
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