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Meet our team of experts…

Simone Vescio, Head of Education & Training

At dermaviduals, education is at the core of all we do. We’re not interested in simply offering training and education in the hope of selling more product. Rather, our aim is to advance the level of knowledge in dermocosmetics throughout Australia and New Zealand; to ensure best practice and to train a new generation of engaged and inspired therapists.

We spare no effort in bringing world-renowned experts such as Dr. Lance Setterfield (dermal needling), Florence Barrett-Hill (corneotherapy expert), Morag Currin (oncology aesethics) and Jennifer Brodeur (LED) to Australia and New Zealand. Of course we also have a large suite of domestic educators we can call on to add their expertise, and enhance the dermaviduals learning experiences.

In terms of our own product range, dermaviduals offers three levels of training specific to each skin treatment therapists’ experience ~ beginner, intermediate and advanced level. The beginner level is open to everyone and consists of an “Introduction to Corneotheraphy and ingredients”. Beyond this we further learning experiences with case studies and expert, specialist classes. We also run a comprehensive information day to learn about “Micro Needle Therapy”.

As a bespoke skincare range, our core education focuses on our ingredients range and we have developed a unique modular ‘learning’ concept which encourages creative thinking. We believe the student can often ‘teach the teacher’ and encourage group discussion and interactivity. As dermaviduals is based on the principles of corneotherapy, we also provide in depth education on the composition of the skin.

Training is a compulsory two-day experience. This ensures theory can be consolidated and practical applications are adequately explored.

dermaviduals intermediate level training is offered exclusively to our partners and consists of training-out case studies. Recognising that training takes time and also takes skin treatment therapists away from the clinic, this level is available online. We follow up all training seminars with customised skype calls or personal in-clinic visits.

dermaviduals also runs a “Consultation and Sales Opportunities” seminar. This gives scope to ensure our partners understand all the tools they have at their fingertips and help them with the trickier aspects of encouraging product sales.

We are delighted to be able to offer our partners a dedicated a full time training manager that is also available to customize training classes in clinic. Later this year we will launch an advanced training day series focusing on skin conditions and cosmetic chemistry ~ stay tuned!!

What courses do skin treatment therapists need to complete before being qualified to sell dermaviduals?

The dermaviduals two day Introduction to dermaviduals and corneotherapy is our cornerstone education programme. Qualifications in a recognized beauty therapy certified course is a pre-requisite.

We also offer a one day “Micro needle Therapy” for therapists interested in this particular modality.

We are proud to say that because of the extensive knowledge of our trainer and the high quality of our beginner level seminars there is a high demand for further education with dermaviduals. Our partners just want to keep learning and we encourage this environment! Certainly knowledge is power and the more we can engage our partners to extend their knowledge base the better this is for everyone involved. It’s a win/win situation ~ for the therapists, their clients, the cosmetic companies, the educators and the industry as a whole.

How our education is different

The training we offer is constantly updated to incorporate the latest scientific research and advanced dermatological and cosmetic chemistry knowledge from around the globe. Education in corneotherapy aims to increase the understanding of the importance of maintaining the integrity of the epidermal barrier defence systems at all times.

In the training, what do therapists get taught?

At the introductory level our training is kept basic and easy to comprehend. We briefly recap basic knowledge of skin anatomy and physiology and focus on explaining corneotherapy and the brand philosophy. The first day of introduction to dermaviduals training is a theory day with focus on the benefit of the products.

On the second day we recap the theory and demonstrate the practical application of the product. Because dermaviduals is a modular range allowing individual prescriptions for various skin conditions, our training focus is on growing the therapists’ knowledge of how to individually treat skin. Even the most experienced skin treatment therapists can be challenged and enjoy a thorough day of learning and engaging with like-minded industry professionals.

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